History of the Law Office (according to Larry Field)

The history of the firm has produced many outstanding attorneys respected in the community and across the state. Ross Rizley started the firm in 1920. He went on to become a U.S. Federal District Judge. Larry Tryon later joined Mr. Rizzley, and Mr. Tryon wrote a successful book of local history entitled I Say, Say I. Mr. Tryon also served as Texas County Judge at various times. Orlando Sweet and Frank Hensley also joined the firm, and in 1968 Grester LaMar and Larry L. Field merged their firm with that of Tryon, Sweet and Hensley. Mr. LaMar also served as Texas County Judge for several years. Frank Hensley left the firm to open his own practice. David K. Petty and James Fletcher later became partners in the firm and after a few years each established practices of their own. After the deaths of Mr. Tryon, Mr. Sweet and Mr. LaMar, Larry Field continued to practice law on his own keeping the excellent reputation of the firm. In 2003, Cory Hicks joined the firm.