We help clients deal with the uncertainties of life and plan for the future.

We can help you:

  • create all types of estate planning documents, including: wills, trusts, durable powers of attorney, and advanced directives for healthcare
  • locate and review deeds, signature cards, beneficiary designations, and other important details on real estate, accounts, insurance policies, and other types of property to develop the best estate plan for your circumstances
  • develop a plan in case of incapacity
  • develop a plan for dealing with estate tax, capital gains tax, making gifts, and other tax issues
  • plan for the care of minor children, in case of the parents’ deaths
  • coordinate estate plans between spouses, parents and children, and other interrelated parties
  • deal with estate planning issues involving blended families, non-American citizens, unusual assets, and other more complex situations
  • deal with special issues on tax advantaged accounts, such as IRAs
  • deal with business succession and continuation issues
  • accomplish charitable goals whether in life or at death

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