Working hard, playing hard, and hitting the open road are big parts of most Oklahomans’ lives.

Accidents happen when working hard – whether drilling a new oil or gas well, harvesting crops on the farm, making deliveries from the store, or finishing up a new row of houses on the construction site.

Accidents happen when playing hard – from weekend fun runs on the Harley, to boating out on the lake, to walking or hiking, to riding bicycles or ATVs.

Accidents happen when on the go – whether trucks criss-crossing the state on major highways like U.S Highway 54 and Oklahoma Highways 3 and 412 in the Oklahoma Panhandle, a family getting to and from school in the city, or motorcycles and ATVs getting off the beaten paths.

When these accidents happen and people are hurt, they often raise complicated issues involving insurance, healthcare, work, money, and the legal system.  You need straightforward advice and help in those situations.

We help people who have suffered injury in car/automobile, motorcycle, farm, commercial, oilfield, premises liability, medical malpractice, or other types of accidents.  Contact us today for a free initial consultation.