We help people who have been injured or wronged – including suffering bodily damage (even death), damage to property, or monetary loss.

We can help you:

  • if you or your property have been injured in an automobile, motorcycle, bicycle, ATV, pedestrian, airplane, farm, commercial, oilfield, slip and fall, or other accident
  • if someone has committed fraud against you
  • if someone you know has been wrongfully killed
  • if your property has been damaged by an environmental accident
  • if you have been harmed by another party not keeping a contract
  • if an oil and gas company is not paying you proper royalties or another big corporation is not dealing with you properly
  • if an insurance company is not properly investigating, negotiating, or paying a claim or handling a matter
  • if an executor, trustee, attorney in fact, professional, or fiduciary  is not correctly handling a matter you are a part of
  • if you have been a victim of medical, legal, financial, or other malpractice
  • if  you have been hurt on somone else’s property
  • in many other types of matters

It never costs you or anyone you know to contact us initially and see if we can help you with a matter.  Call us today for a free initial consultation.