30th Mar 2017

This is probably the final blog post in this series on Special Administrators.  Using the example of Aubrey McClendon’s estate as a popular example, the series first looked at the basic role and function of a Special Administrator.  The series … more

10th Mar 2017

Courts generally appoint Special Administrators instantly, without notice, to attend to pressing issues in an estate. To protect the estate beneficiaries,  the law provides several safeguards against bad acts of a Special Administrator.  Earlier posts have looked at: the requirement for an accounting, … more

19th Jan 2017

Recent posts have looked at a number of safeguards in the context of a Special Administrator.   A Court often appoints a Special Administrator instantly, without notice, to attend to pressing issues in an estate.  To protect those interested in the … more

5th Dec 2016

As discussed in the last couple of posts, because a Court often appoints a Special Administrator instantly, without notice to or input from those interested in the estate, the law provides several safeguards to protect the parties involved and balance … more

23rd Nov 2016

As discussed in the last post, a Court may appoint a Special Administrator instantly upon application.  One of the main reasons this is done is that there are urgent matters to take care of in the estate.  The law tries … more

30th Sep 2016

One key aspect of the Special Administrator is that a Court may appoint them instantly upon application – without the other persons involved in the estate receiving notice of the appointment and having an opportunity to be heard about the … more

9th Sep 2016

In the last blog post in this series, we looked at how Okla. Stat. tit. 58 § 211 lays out the basic role of a Special Administrator of an estate in the probate process: “to collect and take charge of the … more

18th Aug 2016

Any time an estate is necessary and the probate process is being considered, one good question to ask is whether a Special Administrator should be appointed early on. A Special Administrator is a more temporary and restricted appointment to act … more

27th May 2016

In this series of blog posts on ancillary probate, we laid out three foundational requirements for an ancillary estate in Oklahoma.  These can be restated in 3 helpful summary questions to ask when trying to determine whether an ancillary probate … more

16th May 2016

As stated in my prior post: “In an ancillary administration, the Oklahoma court will follow the distribution pattern laid out by the home state and apply it to the Oklahoma property.”  This post asks the question: why? Why does Oklahoma … more