15th Aug 2022

I help people when someone close to them dies. Sometimes this requires a legal estate.

Many people think this means a proceeding that goes on for years. Everyone has heard a horror story from the coffee shop. Or read about a celebrity estate that goes on forever.

I can often help clients administer a conventional estate in Oklahoma in four months or so. There are ancillary estates and other procedures that can be done even more quickly in certain circumstances. The majority of estates can be measured in months – not years.

Estates can go on for longer of course. There are a number of good and bad reasons estates take longer. I will discuss some of these more in depth in future posts.

But today’s message is short and simple. An estate is a temporary situation. And it may not last as long as you fear.

If you want to visit about how an estate can be conducted in a timely manner. Or you need help on an estate situation that is dragging on and on. Reach out to me directly at CoryHicks@FieldAndHicks.com or any of my contact information on this site.

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