10th Sep 2018

If you die without a will (or a trust or other estate planning) like Aretha Franklin, one main consequence is that you will not ultimately control who your property passes to at death. An estate plan consisting of a will … more

24th Aug 2018

The Queen of Soul had a voice that was super human.  And that is probably understating it. But she may have shared a very common human trait with most of us: a tendency to put off planning for the future – including getting a … more

15th Aug 2018

If you live in Guymon or the Oklahoma Panhandle area, one good way of getting more involved in the community is the Guymon Chamber of Commerce. For example, I am currently a member of the Guymon Ambassadors, which is part … more

30th Jul 2018

The Daily Oklahoman and other news outlets such as Bloomberg and News on 6 are reporting that Public Service Co. of Oklahoma (PSO) has announced it will NOT proceed with the Wind Catcher project. The Wind Catcher website states the Wind Catcher is … more

26th Jul 2018

I really enjoyed speaking recently at the second day of National Business Institute’s (NBI) 2-day Practical Course on probate law in Oklahoma, titled Probate: Everything You Need to Know. My portion dealt with the topics of Creditor Claims and Insolvent Estates.  … more

11th Jul 2018

The last post discussed the basics of an Advance Directive for Health Care (ADHC) in Oklahoma, which can help in making end of life decisions.  The ADHC is one of at least three basic estate planning documents every person should consider. … more

29th Jun 2018

Under Oklahoma law, every adult should consider planning for end of life decisions and scenarios with an Advance Directive for Health Care. It is not the only item to consider, of course, but it is the second of the three basic documents … more

26th Jun 2018

You can view sample ballots for the election today in Oklahoma by entering in your information at the following website: click here.   At the same website (Oklahoma State Election Board), you can see if you are registered, find your polling place, and review … more

5th Jun 2018

A groundbreaking ceremony on the Golden Mesa Casino took place recently in Guymon.  The Guymon Chamber of Commerce and the Guymon Ambassadors took part in the event. Former U.S. Representative and current President of the Department of Commerce, Corporate Development … more

21st May 2018

In just under a month, I will be leading a couple of sessions at a National Business Institute 2-day Practical Course on probate law in Oklahoma. The Course is titled: “Probate: Everything You Need to Know.“  It is scheduled for June 18 & 19, … more