30th Sep 2022

You have a giant trust. Likely in a giant folder.

But you do not know what it says. Or you may not like what it says.

It may have come with a giant cost. Or maybe you put it together yourself or with a buddy, trying to save cost.

It may have sat there for a while, with you knowing you need to do something. Or maybe it was recently done and it just hit you.

There are all sorts of excuses to do nothing. Maybe feelings of embarrassment or ignorance or uncertainty.

Come talk to me about it. Email me directly: CoryHicks@FieldAndHicks.com. About the situation and some good possible times to connect.

We will develop a plan. My office works with people in this situation frequently.

Maybe your existing trust and estate planning are fine – you just need some help understanding all the documents and getting some questions answered.

Maybe you need a whole other plan.

It is your life. It is your property. It is your family and loved ones.

Your estate plan needs to work how you want it to work. If it does not work how you want it to work, it is a bad plan, regardless of size, expense, complexity, counsel, location, or any other details or factors.

Let’s talk and get that giant trust off your back.

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