3rd Nov 2022

If you have not checked out the OK Voter Portal: click here to do do.

This is the first thing I recommend when anyone asks me about election or voting issues.


You put in:

-Your Name

-Your Date of Birth

That’s it! And the Oklahoma State Election Board pulls up your individualized voter portal.

Sample Ballot & Polling Place

One of the most helpful aspects of the voter portal this time of year is that you can get a sample ballot. You can think through the races and issues and do any research you want ahead of time – rather than seeing the ballot for the first time in the voting booth. This is extremely helpful.

You can also confirm where you are supposed to vote. This can save a lot of time and frustration on election day.

Other Voter Services

There are a lot of other options in the voter portal under the tab “Voter Services.” There are options to request an absentee ballot, change political affiliation, change residence or county or mailing address, request a replacement voter ID card, and even complete a voter registration application.

Whether you are getting ready to vote in the coming midterms or just starting to learn about voting for the first time, the OK Voter Portal can be a great place to start. You can also visit the state or county election board websites or physical offices.

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