30th Sep 2022

The 2022 Leadership Guymon Class dropped by my office this morning.

Like I told them, even if I put them to sleep, if nothing else, they walked away with some snacks!

But they did not go to sleep because they are a great group – respectful, curious, interactive, funny.

Today their sessions focused on State Government.

They were able to speak with our local Oklahoma State Representative Kenton Patzkowsky and Oklahoma State Senator Casey Murdock by video.

They ended the morning touring the new 911 dispatch center and visiting with Justin Carnagey and crew.

In between at my office, we visited about how laws made at the city, county, state, and federal levels affect us all – in our personal and business lives. (They also have sessions on the City and the County levels.) We talked bit about how the branches of government interact and specifically how the Court system in Oklahoma is structured. I shared some about the specific areas of law I practice in.

We also talked about them getting involved in the Guymon Chamber and community beyond the class. I encouraged them to find something they have an interest or skill in or enjoy doing. I know they each can make impacts.

Good luck class with wrapping up your sessions and working on your class project. Hopefully today was time well spent.

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