10th Oct 2017

This is a legal and not a political post.  I am neither an expert in all aspects of federal health care law nor a political insider, and this is beyond the scope of what I normally address on this blog. The reason … more

3rd Feb 2017

Every so often if one or more of my kids happens to be at my office, I will take them with me if I have to go somewhere for work.  People usually enjoy seeing them, and they like getting out … more

20th Jan 2017

“Quiet Title” and “Partition” are not common words, except perhaps to a small group of attorneys that practice in areas such as property and estates.  Yet Mark Zuckerberg is making them headlines with recent legal action in Hawaii, according to … more

19th Jan 2017

Recent posts have looked at a number of safeguards in the context of a Special Administrator.   A Court often appoints a Special Administrator instantly, without notice, to attend to pressing issues in an estate.  To protect those interested in the … more

23rd Nov 2016

As discussed in the last post, a Court may appoint a Special Administrator instantly upon application.  One of the main reasons this is done is that there are urgent matters to take care of in the estate.  The law tries … more

7th Nov 2016

You can enter your name and birth date and view a sample ballot like you will see in your particular county in Oklahoma here: https://services.okelections.us/voterSearch.aspx This is helpful for reviewing state questions in advance and making sure you understand exactly … more

5th Oct 2016

30th Sep 2016

One key aspect of the Special Administrator is that a Court may appoint them instantly upon application – without the other persons involved in the estate receiving notice of the appointment and having an opportunity to be heard about the … more

9th Sep 2016

In the last blog post in this series, we looked at how Okla. Stat. tit. 58 § 211 lays out the basic role of a Special Administrator of an estate in the probate process: “to collect and take charge of the … more

2nd Sep 2016

When a person dies because of the illegal acts or negligence of a person or organization, a decedent’s estate has the right to file a personal injury suit and recover damages related to the incident that resulted in the decedent’s … more