2nd Apr 2020

My law office can handle your matter remotely.

Whether in times of crisis, such as this COVID-19 pandemic – for safety reasons and to help our nation “flatten the curve.” Or during “normal” times – because of distance, convenience, mobility, or other factors.

Not every case, 100% of the time, of course. And we are still figuring out some wrinkles in this crisis time.

But for years we have successfully completed projects for clients all over the United States and beyond – without ever being face to face with them. For example:

-We can communicate with you through technology, whether email, phone, video conferencing on several platforms, or otherwise.

-We can attend hearings on your behalf in many types of matters such as estates / probates and other civil matters.

-We can prepare contracts, wills / trusts and other estate planning documents, closing papers, or other documents, and send them to you for review, wherever you are.

No one knows what the future holds in this current situation. But this general rule should hold, regardless of where we are working from or how we are communicating.

Email me, Cory Hicks, directly: coryhicks@fieldandhicks.com, if you need legal assistance and want to discuss remote options. Or call (580) 338-6503 and leave a message with my 24/7 answering service.

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