26th May 2020

Just wanted to update a few points since the last blog post on COVID-19 issues in the Guymon / Texas County area:

-The Texas County Courthouse remains closed. Click here for a list of numbers where you can reach the various offices.

-Although the Courthouse is closed, I would commend everyone in the Courthouse for their work. I have been able to do things like: conduct estate hearings by distance, complete a real estate closing through the drop box, and otherwise keep things moving along for my clients to a large degree. Again, a big thanks to everyone at the Courthouse working to keep things moving – but keep us all safe!

The Oklahoma State Department of Health reports Guymon as the number 2 city in Oklahoma for number of cases at 743. Only Oklahoma City remains higher with 964. KOCO in OKC reported last week that this works out to 1 out of every 19 people in Guymon, and 1 in 774 in OKC.

The Oklahoma State Department of Health reports Texas County as the number 3 county in Oklahoma for numbers of cases at 890, behind Tulsa and Oklahoma counties.

-The Texas County numbers have far more than doubled in just two-three weeks since the 343 number in the May 8 blog, when this areas was first declared a Hot Spot.

-It is unclear if these current city and county numbers include 350 recent positives from testing at local businesses. If not, the county and state numbers would be significantly higher – likely highest in the state in both. There are questions in this area, and I am sure they will be sorted out over time and the reporting all broken down.

-Either way, it appears we need to remain vigilant in this area while moving forward. Thanks for all the concern from colleagues and friends and others who have reached out in this time.

My law office can help you remotely during this time. I have written about that in more detail: here.

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