8th May 2020

This week, the Oklahoma Department of Health and Oklahoma Emergency Management declared Texas County, Oklahoma a “Hot Spot” for COVID-19. Just today, 35 new cases bring the reported total to 343.

This puts Texas County fourth in the state behind Oklahoma County (Oklahoma City), Tulsa County (Tulsa), and Cleveland County (Norman). It obviously puts it ahead of many areas with larger populations.

Texas County has over half the cases that Tulsa County has and over one-third the cases Oklahoma County has. And growing at a rapid pace. This is a remarkable and troubling turn of events.

As I have written about on this blog many times, Texas County is the county I live in. It is the main area I practice law in in – although I work on matters throughout the Panhandle and all over the State of Oklahoma. My office is in Guymon, the County Seat. In addition to legal and business issues, I write a good deal on this blog about this area (things like this and this).

Lots of people I care about, work with, live near, and know are being impacted by this. I have no magic words of wisdom or crystal ball. But to them I say: what else can we do but hang in – and be smart and strong.

Let’s be smart. Let’s take it seriously. Let’s use distancing and other precautions when we can. Let’s think of others. Let’s get care when we need it. Let’s give care when and how we can.

Let’s be strong. Let’s use every ounce of technology, toughness, ingenuity, compassion, and every other means we have to keep things moving forward.

If there are authorities and experts that can help in any way, to them I say: please do everything you can. Do not forget about parts of the state just because they are distant from the Capital.

If there are people needing legal assistance, to them I say: my law office can help you remotely during this time. I have written about that in more detail: here.

If there are people out there needing help or information or whatever, to them I say: feel free to get in touch about things like that as well, and I will see if I can connect you with the right people.

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