2nd Sep 2016

When a person dies because of the illegal acts or negligence of a person or organization, a decedent’s estate has the right to file a personal injury suit and recover damages related to the incident that resulted in the decedent’s … more

23rd Aug 2016

18th Aug 2016

Any time an estate is necessary and the probate process is being considered, one good question to ask is whether a Special Administrator should be appointed early on. A Special Administrator is a more temporary and restricted appointment to act … more

27th May 2016

In this series of blog posts on ancillary probate, we laid out three foundational requirements for an ancillary estate in Oklahoma.  These can be restated in 3 helpful summary questions to ask when trying to determine whether an ancillary probate … more

16th May 2016

As stated in my prior post: “In an ancillary administration, the Oklahoma court will follow the distribution pattern laid out by the home state and apply it to the Oklahoma property.”  This post asks the question: why? Why does Oklahoma … more

5th Feb 2016

An order distributing the estate is one of the required documents from the home state / domiciliary administration to file an ancillary administration proceeding in Oklahoma.  In this series, we have laid out three foundational requirements for an ancillary probate … more

11th Jan 2016

When a decedent owns property in their home state and also Oklahoma (first foundational requirement) and there has been an estate or probate proceeding in the home state (second foundational requirement), the question become whether documents required under Oklahoma’s ancillary … more

23rd Dec 2015

Earlier in this series, we laid out a first foundational requirement and a second foundational requirement for an ancillary probate in Oklahoma.  The first dealt with whether a decedent owned property both in their home state and Oklahoma.  The second … more

25th Nov 2015

If a decedent dies in any of the other 49 United States owning property in their home state but also owing property in Oklahoma (see prior blog posts here and here about common examples of multistate ownership that I see), … more

19th Oct 2015

The first four blog posts in this series on ancillary probate dealt with various aspects of this first foundational issue: did the deceased die owning property in two more states? If so, an ancillary probate may be necessary.  If not, … more