14th Jun 2019

The topic of handwritten wills has gained interest recently because of developments in the Aretha Franklin estate.

Basic Questions

So what is the law? Can handwritten wills be legally valid? Can a Court or Judge admit a handwritten will to probate? Can handwritten wills pass property and accomplish all the other important tasks that a formal will can?

Basic Rule

There is such as thing as a valid handwritten will. It is called a “holographic” will.

The person making the holographic will must: 1) write the entire instrument in their handwriting; 2) date the instrument; and 3) sign the instrument.

The statute goes on to give three other clarifications: 1) it does not have to be in any particular form; 2) it does not have to be made in the state of Oklahoma; and 3) it does not have to have witnesses.

Future blog posts will look more closely at this law and related issues.

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