31st Jan 2020

If you have not read the first update on my assistant Eilish, please start there by clicking here. The main update points since then from my perspective/understanding:

-Eilish is out of Trauma ICU.

-Eilish is now in a Rehabilitation Hospital that specializes in her situation.

-Eilish is fighting hard. We are all super proud of her and continue to cheer her on and support her and her family.

-Her family is appreciative of all the cards, messages, gifts, and other support. Her rooms are decorated in a fantastic way with many of them.

-If you want an updated address to send a card etc. – get in touch with me. A prior address, from me or anyone else, is no longer accurate – although it might still work (not sure?).

I get requests and questions, and I really appreciate those. But I will probably not be posting a lot on here. As I said in the first post, the story is not primarily mine to tell. Her mom and family do updating on social media.

But Eilish is special to my office and my family. And I want to provide some basic information to clients, colleagues, friends, and others who are concerned.

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