29th Sep 2020

Meeting Remotely or By Distance

I am happy to meet with anyone remotely for any reason.

If you are not in this area. Or you prefer meeting remotely because of COVID-19. Or you have physical limitations. Or it works better with your schedule.

Some Options:

-Email: CoryHicks@FieldAndHicks.com

-Video Conference: Let me know what you prefer (Skype, Zoom, Duo, etc.) and we can make it happen, generally.

-Visit by Phone: (580) 338-6503. Our office also has a 24/7 answering service. You can leave a message there night or day, weekend or holiday – whenever something is fresh on your mind.

-We can use the front area of my office (between the first two doors) to drop off or pick up documents in a “contactless” way.

Meeting In Person

We can schedule a time to meet in person, as needed. The front room of my office generally allows us to meet, but still distance. I generally wear a mask for client comfort and protection.

I have also met clients curbside in their cars. Or outside. Or at other locations.

There are a number of options, so just email me (CoryHicks@FieldAndHicks.com) or call my office, and we will work something out.

Courthouse Update

The Texas County Courthouse is still generally closed to the public. If you have a Court hearing or other meeting with me, I can meet you there. We can sign in and enter together. Sign in, temperature checks, and mask are required. I can also appear on your behalf at Court or any of the various County offices in the Courthouse.

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