8th Sep 2022

3 Documents

An attorney in Oklahoma will always need the following three documents to analyze whether an ancillary estate is possible and the best course of action. They will eventually have to be certified copies from the home / domiciliary state, although copies will generally work during the initial analysis.

-Last Will and Testament (if the deceased person had a Will)

-Order Admitting the Last Will and Testament to Probate (or appointing the Administrator / Executor if there is no Will).

-Order Distributing the Estate.

Other Requirements

Having those three documents means other basic requirements have already been met. We touched on several of those in prior posts in this current series on topics in ancillary probate.

Property in the home state of the decedent AND in Oklahoma.

– An estate or probate proceeding in the home state of the decedent.

Examples and Analysis

I have described some common real world examples of ancillary estates. Check that out.

And if you are an attorney from another state, a Personal Representative / Administrator / Executor from another state, or anyone else wondering about these types of issues in Oklahoma, reach out to me today directly at: CoryHicks@FieldAndHicks.com or any of the other contact information on this website.

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