26th Jul 2018

I really enjoyed speaking recently at the second day of National Business Institute’s (NBI) 2-day Practical Course on probate law in Oklahoma, titled Probate: Everything You Need to Know.

My portion dealt with the topics of Creditor Claims and Insolvent Estates.  It was basically a discussion of what happens when someone dies owing money, perhaps more money than their assets and income can handle (insolvency).  There are several perspectives to view this from, including those who were owed money (creditors), the family and beneficiaries left behind (estate), and the attorneys and other advisors who counsel them.

I thought it was a fantastic group.  I appreciate very much your attention and great questions and input.  The feedback I have received seems to indicate there was some learning and good results from the time.

I enjoyed meeting several of the attendees that day.  But I would also enjoy hearing from you after – whether it be questions on something that was not clear or suggestions on how it could be better or related issues that come up in your practice.  Feel free to connect with me on LinkedIn or other social media.

Thanks again to NBI and everyone involved.



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