1st Nov 2011

A lost Will in Oklahoma creates special problems, but those problems can usually be solved, especially if there is no disagreement among the heirs and the beneficiaries of the Will. Generally in the law, a copy of a document works … more

21st Oct 2011

The Honorable Ryan D. Reddick was recently appointed by Governor Mary Fallin to serve as the new Associate District Judge for Beaver County, Oklahoma.  This vacancy was created by the retirement of the Honorable Gerald H. Riffe.  I was able … more

14th Oct 2011

Okla. Stat. tit. 58 § 21 states that anyone who possesses the Will of another must bring that Will forward within thirty days of learning of the other person’s death.  If not, the person failing to bring the Will forward can … more

9th Sep 2011

After the death of a loved one, meeting with an attorney is often necessary to determine whether a probate, trust administration, or some other legal action will be necessary.  The following items are essential to making that determination and should … more