27th Jun 2017

Estate” is one of those words that is often used in the law but not in everyday conversation.  I just spoke at a conference titled, “Estate Administration From Start To Finish.”  My office cups summarize my law practice in three “Ps”, the first being: Probate (Wills, Trusts, Estates).  If you look at the Practice Areas section of this website, you will also see that I also practice Estate Planning.

Because it is an unusual word, it usually takes some learning when encountering it.  It can be a difficult concept to grasp – or to explain.  It can have a related but different meaning in different areas of the law, such as Real Estate.

It comes with its own set of lingo, which is also often foreign and requires some additional learning. Probate.  Administration.  Trust.  Will.  Personal Representative.  Executor.

At its core, from a big picture perspective, about the best way I can explain an Estate law practice is how I have on my website under Probate and Trust Administration:

“We help clients determine the best legal course of action when someone close to them dies.”

When we are working through those issues with clients, sometimes a formal estate is required – sometimes it is not. In the next couple of blog posts, I will share a couple of practical illustrations I talk through with clients to better understand the concept of estate.

If our office may be of assistance to you in these areas, do not hesitate to contact us at (580) 338-6503 or at coryhicks@fieldandhicks.com or using any of our contact information in the profile.  You can also visit www.fieldandhicks.com for more information.

This blog contains general information and the opinions of the author – not legal advice; you should seek the advice of competent counsel (attorney/lawyer) when considering any legal issues.

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