8th Sep 2017

This series will delve into documents and other estate planning details in time, but early on, let me make this practical plea: do not wait!

If you wait until:

– you have estate planning all figured out;

– you know every detail of what you want to do;

– the “perfect” time;

you will likely never get an estate plan in place.

I am preaching to myself here as well. I recently, along with my wife, updated our estate plan.  It is hard to find the time.  There are parts that are emotional – especially considering leaving a child or loved one behind.  It is hard to know what is best, especially with an unknown future.  I get it.  But doing nothing and not having an estate plan in place when the uncertainties of life come is not usually the best option, as illustrated in the first post in this series.

I am not saying do not do some background learning. You should, if you are built that way – like I am.  I am not saying you should not gather up some basic information about yourself first.  That is helpful.  I am not saying you should not look into attorney and advisor options through online research, word of mouth, and otherwise.  You absolutely should.

But eventually you have to take a first step and start the process. I even tell clients: it is legitimate to be fully advised and then decide not to have an estate plan or certain documents or parts of an estate plan.  But doing nothing, and then causing yourself or others around you hardship as a result, is not a good path.

The next blog post will take a look at some issues in working with an attorney and taking those initial steps.

Also, remember: whether it is estate planning or any other area of law, it never costs you or anyone you know anything to come in for an initial conference at my office and see if we can help you.

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