19th Dec 2017

I enjoyed leading a couple of sessions yesterday at Day 1 of NBI’s “Estate Planning from A to Z” course in Oklahoma City.  Those session topics included estate planning for single persons and blended families.

As always, one of the best parts was getting to interact with the people at the seminar.  I enjoyed the participation and attitude of the group, and it was a pleasure getting to meet and visit with a few folks between sessions, at lunch, and otherwise.  If you attended, I would be happy to hear from you – whether it be questions or comments from yesterday, practice issues, or otherwise.  You could also connect with me on LinkedIn.  I also enjoyed getting to visit with and quiz the other conference speakers – thanks a lot guys.

Thanks again to NBI and everyone who attended or was involved.

[Post course update: drove back late last night and was up early this morning to see my 7 year old and his class do a master performance of the 12 Days of Christmas.  If I would have had that video yesterday, I could have spiced up the class a little more.]

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