20th May 2022

The Run

Every May 1,000+ bikers roll through Guymon for something called the Five State Run, sometimes called the Five State Poker Run. It is basically a motorcycle event where you drive into five states in one day, pick up cards, and have a chance to win prizes based on your “poker” hand.

You can read more about the event and the Iron Thunder Motorcycle club by clicking here.

Fueling Up at the Outback

The night before Main Street Guymon hosts a welcoming event to the Five State Run riders called the Outback. There is dinner. Drinks. Music. A chance to check out all the bikes. And just a fun chance for the riders and the community to get together. Many local businesses contribute to the event.

Ambassadors Serving

The Guymon Ambassadors serve the food and drinks, and just keep things flowing at the Outback. Below are a few pictures of the event and the Ambassadors in action.

One of the best parts of doing this is meeting people. Just this year, I met people from as far away as Montana and a rider from Tulsa who has done it for 14 years. Always interesting stories!

Think About Coming

If you like motorcycles. Or these types of events. Or have never been out in this part of the world where fives states in one day in a 300 or so mile ride is possible. You should consider planning to ride next May.

Then come by and say “hi” at the Outback the night before!

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