21st Apr 2022

Guymon Ambassadors are always busy in the community – whether promoting businesses, helping at activities, or welcoming dignitaries. I enjoy being a part. Below is a quick update and a few pictures on just a couple of the recent events.

-Ambassadors Cut a Ribbon at JNL Furniture

There is a new furniture store on Main Street. Ambassadors were there to cut a ribbon, pass out a gift basket, and wish the owners well in their new ventures. There are several pictures below of the store and the event.

-Ambassadors Welcome Candidate April Grace

April Grace, candidate for State Superintendent of Education was recently in Guymon. The Ambassadors were part of welcoming her to the community. Part of this were several events at Urban Bru, including great foot and drinks from Susan and the crew. Several pics are below.

An additional two cents on this. And something I usually tell to dignitaries that make it out to the Panhandle. Regardless of what office or party or whatever – I think it is important that they come. That they get to know and remember this part of the state and its people and issues – which are easily forgotten due to geography and other issues.

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