4th Dec 2019

The holographic will statute in Oklahoma has a number of “musts.” Those have been the subject of the last few blog posts in this series. Namely in order to be valid, holographic wills must be:

-Entirely Handwritten;

-Handwritten by the Testator;



Beyond that, the law states a holographic will is, “subject to no other form.” That is, as long as you meet the few, specific requirements in the statute in Oklahoma, there are no further “musts.”

There are probably others, but here are a few things that this statement would impact. There is no notary requirement. There is no mandatory or suggested language. There are no paper or ink instructions.

The law lays out “positively” the mandatory requirements for a holographic will. But then to clarify, it states “negatively” that no other specific form is required.

The next couple of blog posts in this series will look at the second part of the statute – what holographic wills do not have to have. The first of those is any specific form other than the explicit requirements in the statute.

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