18th Mar 2016

Taking a quick break from the series on ancillary probate in Oklahoma, I wanted to pass on this very interesting article on inheriting digital assets and the first state (according to the article) to pass comprehensive legislation in this area, Delaware:


This issue covers important topics like: a) can heirs inherit a digital music collection they way they used to inherit a physical music collection of records or CDs; and b) can legatees (those who inherit personal property in a will) be left online photo albums they way they used to be granted a physical scrapbook.  There are a lot of interesting issues wrapped up in those.

This article was written and the law was passed some time back, but I am sure this is an area that  legislators, attorneys, and most importantly the public, still need to give a lot more thought.

If you have had experience with these types of  issues dealing with a family member’s death, representing clients as an attorney, trying to draft legislation as a legislator, or otherwise – I would love to hear your story.  Leave a comment below or contact me directly by email (coryhicks@fieldandhicks.com) or otherwise.  I need to do some thinking in these areas myself, and I hope to write later follow-up blog posts as I do.

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