31st Jan 2019

The Leadership Guymon 2019 Class kicked off Tuesday night with a reception at Draper Headquarters.  Attached is a picture of Guymon Chamber of Commerce Executive Director Jada Breeden giving introductory comments to the 16 class members.  Prior graduates, the Guymon Ambassadors, sponsoring employers, the Mayor and other representatives of the City, and others were a part of the event as well.

It was a good evening of meeting new people, catching up with others, and learning about the next few weeks and months of the program.  The group was treated to good food from Virgil Gibson.

Leadership Guymon is a good program for everyone to consider in the Guymon region.  But it seems to be especially helpful:

– if you are new to the area (or back / new as an adult);

– if you are wanting to get more involved and learn options;

– if  you are curious about how things “work” (government, education, business, quality of life, etc.);

– if you are wanting get to know the people around you better or meet new people in the community.

Good luck to this year’s class.  I will probably see you at least at a couple of events.  And if you did not sign up this year and never have, you should consider Leadership Guymon 2020.

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