6th Mar 2019

KKBS “The Boss” hosted a Meet the Candidates Forum last night, March 5, 2019, at the All Fired Up Art Gallery in Guymon.  There are eight candidates running for three slots on the Guymon City Council.  Thanks to The Boss for putting that on.  You can see part of the forum at: kkbs.tv

The election will be held April 2.

One interesting point brought up at the forum is that although the persons running for certain wards (Ward 3 & Ward 4) must live in those areas, each Guymon citizen can vote for each ward.  For example, in the upcoming election, each citizen will vote for a Ward 3 candidate, a Ward 4 candidate, and an At Large Candidate – regardless of what ward the voter lives in.  You will want to double check the rules, but that was one on the interesting items discussed last night.

In addition, each candidate was allowed to make remarks.  Then afterward there was a more informal discussion time.

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