15th Aug 2018

If you live in Guymon or the Oklahoma Panhandle area, one good way of getting more involved in the community is the Guymon Chamber of Commerce.

For example, I am currently a member of the Guymon Ambassadors, which is part of the Chamber.  Ambassadors attend ribbon cuttings for new businesses, welcome dignitaries when they visit the area, work at many community events, and generally promote business in the area.  You can usually find us at events by the bright orange sportcoats or shirts.

(The Ambassadors had a summer cookout last weekend, and I have attached a couple of pics.  Thanks to KC and Denise for hosting.  Thanks to my kids for not breaking too much valuable stuff anything of KC’s and Denise’s.)

The Chamber runs a major rodeo, puts on a golf tournament, hosts a leadership academy, and is involved in many other community events.  There are many meetings and opportunities to learn and serve each month.  If you are looking to meet people in the business community or get more involved, you should check out the Guymon Chamber of Commerce.

The Ambassadors will be at the Texas County Fair ribbon cutting and opening ceremonies tonight at 6 p.m.  Executive Director Jada Breeden will be at the Chamber booth at the fair the next few days if you want more information.  You can also check out the Chamber website anytime or visit with someone already involved.





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