29th Apr 2015

Questions about ancillary probate in Oklahoma are probably the most common questions I get from this blog – and among the most common questions I receive at my office overall.  I have not addressed that topic on here in some time, so the next few blog posts are going to center around ancillary probate issues.

The possibility of an ancillary probate arises when someone dies owning property individually in two or more states.

So an initial question to ask regarding their estate when someone dies is: did they own property in more than one state?  If not, an ancillary probate will definitely not be necessary.  Now, owning property in more than one state does not mean an ancillary probate definitely will be necessary, but there will have to be further examination because the possibility exists.

I will discuss common situations of someone owning property in multiple states and how geography plays a role in my next couple of blogs before moving onto other ancillary probate issue in coming posts, but it is important to keep this initial, threshold question in mind:  did the decedent own property in more than one state?

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