19th Mar 2012

Who is in charge of administering an Estate if the deceased person leaves no Last Will and Testament?  The purpose of the next few posts is to look more closely at this issue. In an earlier post, it was stated … more

29th Feb 2012

There are at least a couple of main reasons why Oklahoma law treats contracts for deeds and similar arrangements as mortgages, regardless of the title of the documents and wording to the contrary: protecting a borrower’s equity and protecting a … more

31st Jan 2012

As discussed in the last entry, Contracts for Deed, Lease Purchases, and other similar arrangements can have a number of problems.  The problems generally stem from these agreements having language that if a Buyer misses a payment or otherwise defaults, … more

30th Dec 2011

The next couple of blog entries will address an issue several clients have encountered recently: confusion about enforcing “Contracts for Deed,” “Lease Purchases,” and other types of sale agreements.  Generally, residential Real Property owners in Oklahoma have two primary choices … more