19th Jan 2018

We are in the middle of a blog series on Estate Planning 101.

I have posted several other entries since the last blog in this series.   One of those was not technically labeled and numbered in the series, but it covered similar content.

That blog post linked to a Legal Guide I posted on Avvo.com entitled: “3 Essential Topics for a Basic Estate Planning Discussion in Oklahoma” – which you can read here. In that Avvo Legal Guide, the first of the 3 Essential Topics was: 3 Basic Documents.

The next few blogs in this series are going to look at those 3 Basic Documents in more detail: Last Will and Testament, Durable Power of Attorney, and Advance Directive for Health Care.

We will begin in the next post with a discussion of the overlooked, powerful, misunderstood, and subject-to-abuse document called a Durable Power of Attorney.

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This blog contains general information and the opinions of the author – not legal advice; you should seek the advice of competent counsel (attorney/lawyer) when considering any legal issues.

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