2nd Jan 2014

The Honorable Greg A. Zigler, District Judge, First Judicial District, State of Oklahoma, retired effective January 1, 2014.  The First Judicial District includes Cimarron, Texas, Beaver, and Harper Counties in Oklahoma.

Today is the first day the courthouses in the First Judicial District have opened in approximately sixteen years without Judge Zigler as District Judge.  Judge Zigler served as Associate District Judge of Texas County, Oklahoma before serving as District Judge.  Today is the first day the Texas County Courthouse has opened in approximately twenty-three years without Judge Zigler on the bench in some capacity.

The Texas County Bar Association had a special Bar Luncheon in honor of Judge Zigler on December 18, 2013.  (Judge Zigler strongly insisted on no special reception or other events being held for his retirement.)  Local attorneys, judges, and other dignitaries, including Judge David Lewis, Presiding Judge of the Oklahoma Court of Criminal Appeals, gathered to thank Judge Zigler for his service.

Judge Zigler has been the District Judge the entire time since I moved back to Guymon and began practicing law in the First Judicial District.  He has been a great judge to practice in front of.

A couple of things especially come to mind when I think of Judge Zigler.  One is his attention to detail.  One example of this is in his handling of trust construction matters.  These almost always involve several generations of family members, difficult trust provisions, and/or unusual facts.  Judge Zigler would always go over the filings in the case, a family tree, the trust provisions, and the other details of the case in depth, even if the matter was by agreement or without opposition.  That is just one small example of  his desire to be prepared, understand the case, and make the ruling he felt was right during his time on the bench.  I will also remember his graciousness in taking time for conversations, especially considering all the pressing matters he had on his plate.

I wish Judge Zigler the best going forward.

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