6th May 2022

This week is Pioneer Days in Guymon!

There will be BBQs. There will be a big parade. There will be major rodeo action. There will be all sorts of gatherings and reunions. I have written about some of this in the past (such as here and here). You can click here for more information about this year’s festivities.

But I am emphasizing a new event this year: the Guymon Public Schools 5th Grade Land Run. This week students basically re-enacted a mock land run to add to their learning of Oklahoma history.

One of the big pieces of the event is building a covered wagon so your family group can make the run. You can see a few pictures below of the wagons being made in advance, lined up that morning, and paraded for everyone to see.

There is a start to the land run at high noon (no Sooners allowed). The kids stake out their claim. Then they have to register and make it official. They put up a tent or a blanket to dwell on for the afternoon, complete with snacks and whatever else they can carry.

Before and after the run, there are numerous events. Many of these events involve tasks pioneers faced such as sewing, digging, and roping.

Congratulations to all the teachers, students, parents, volunteers, and everyone involved on a great event!

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