4th Nov 2013

The last blog post discussed that Oklahoma has one true ancillary statute: Okla. Stat.tit. 58 § 677.  The basic definition of an ancillary probate in Oklahoma is one performed under this statute. 

Okla. Stat.tit. 58 § 677 requires certified copies of these three documents from the state of residence (or domiciliary probate):

A.  The last will and testament of the decedent, if any;
B.  The order admitting the will to probate, if there was a will, or order appointing the administrator, if there was no will;
C.  The order distributing.

If you cannot obtain the items listed above from the home state, you cannot perform a true ancillary probate in Oklahoma under Okla. Stat. tit. 58 § 677.

However, this does not mean there are not other options or the situation is hopeless.  The next blog post will discuss options when you cannot obtain the documents listed above.

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