3rd Feb 2017

Every so often if one or more of my kids happens to be at my office, I will take them with me if I have to go somewhere for work.  People usually enjoy seeing them, and they like getting out and exploring the world.  A few months back I attended a brief hearing, needed to get an order signed, or had some other quick business in front of the Honorable A. Clark Jett, Associate District Judge, Texas County, Oklahoma.  Two of my kids went with me.  Judge Jett took a few minutes out of his busy day, visited with them, and even let them both bang the judicial gavel.  I snapped two good pictures during the process.

One of the reasons I posted this is that is reminds me of a similar post of a similar incident in front of Judge Reddick in Beaver County.  It is a vivid reminder of how fast time is passing.

hank.judge.jett.10.17 rhett.judge.jett.10.17

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